Most elegant aesthetics Suitable for both table top & wall hanging more than 1000 sprays per sanitizer refill of 1 Ltrs Sanitizer capacity is 10Lts & 10000ml included UItrasaonic sensor for higher precision mobile app support to change dispening volume Touchless autometic mist spray

OakMist PLUS - 10 L Capacity Touchless Sanitizer Dispenser

  • Sanitizer: Can be used in this dispensing machine
    Capacity: The tank in the machine has capacity of 5 litres sanitizer
    Dispensing: Every dispensing cycle is of 5 ml, the machine can work for 1,000 hand sanitization cycles before require filling
    Installation: Three step installation process:
    Fix on wall
    Fill sanitizer
    Plug in to standard 5 Amp wall socket
    Power Supply: Standard 220 V AC supply from wall socket. Voltage fluctuation and surge protection is built in
    Sanitizer Refilling: The window on front panel shows the level of sanitizer remaining in the machine. Simply pour the sanitizer in top tank to refill